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February 10, 2019 | Author: Dr-Usman Khan | Category: Dubai, Pharmacy, Epistemology, Psychology & Cognitive Science, Cognition
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Speaking tips by Ryan Higgins...


Speaking tips by Ryan: 1. Use short sentences whilst speaking 2. Remember to speak cohesive phrases before every sentence, e.g , As a child, as a student, etc 3. Use cohesive phrases to link ideas together. E.g. as a child, I was given a piano. Because of this, I become more interested in music. 4. Practice speaking productively 5. Always try to use new words or uncommon words in your sentences. Phrases to say in each section of IELTS Speaking Exam: Greetings section: section 1 of IELTS speaking: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

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Answer shortly or precisely and to the point The same 4 Questions are always asked by examiners in Speaking part 1. First Question is “ what is your full name?” , you will answer as e.g MUHAMMAD USMAN KHAN Second Question is “ what you would like to be called ?”, you will say e.g Please call me Usman Third Question is “Where are you from?”, you will say as e.g I am from Mirpur ,Pakistan. 4the Question is “ can I see your identification please?” ,you will say as” here you go “ The examiner will ask more questions about your home, work . for instance, “where did you grow up”, and you will say as ,” “ I grew up in Mirpur, which is a city in the Northern part of Pakistan, near to the capital.It is a peaceful city with cultural heritage as well as modern facilities.” The examiner will ask you 12 questions in just part 1 of the IELTS Speaking exam. You will have roughly 4-5 minutes for it. Part 1 of IELTS speaking section one wil always be about home or work “where do you live?”, you will say , I live in a sharing room near to Burj khalifa in Dubai. “what sort of city is Dubai?”, such Question si asking to describe both opinion or facts, you will say as, “ If you look at the modern world, Dubai is considered to be the most diverse multicultural city with some of the tallest buildings around the world. People across the globe come here to find jobs, work here and enjoy the practical fantasies of Dubai in the form of state of the art facilities,roads, shopping centres, hotels, hospitals and above all the safety of life.” You can use phrases like, in my opinion, to me, as I have seen, in my experience. Next Question will be “where do you work?”, you will say …I work in a multinational company as a Pharmacist in Dubai marina. “What does your Job entail ?”, you will say , “ My job being a pharmacist involves to assess the needs of the customers coming to the pharmacy for their problems, I give them medicines or other products according to their condition or needs and counsel them on how to use them and about their harmful effects as well. Phrases to use are like, * I am responsible for…….., I spend most of my day……., my main duty is ….. Another question will be “ Do you like your Job?”, you will say as, “ Yes, my job is very rewarding/fulfilling, I would say there are two main reasons I enjoy my work. Firstly, It gives me opportunity to meet lots of interesting people, with different social and ethnic backgrounds. Secondly, it helps me to increase my knowledge and professional skills as pharmacist. The examiner will ask you 4 scripted questions about another topics, it will be of roughly 1.5 miutes. Like about your free time. Phrases you can use are , *I particularly Enjoy,……, I have to

say that…….,I would have to say that……Let me think about that for a second, I suppose….., Its hard to say that….. 18. The examiner will ask another 4 scripted Questions about another topic….roughly 1.5 minutes. E.g What do you think would be a challenging job?”, you will say as, I believe, being a pharmacist is a very challenging job because, at single time ,when you r interacting with your patients, you have to be precise and accurate in knowledge and judgment, so that you can chose right solution for what the customer is looking for. Speaking part 2: Cue card part. 1. The examiner hands you a cue card with a Question on it, and gives 1 minute to prepare it and speak on it for 2-3 minutes .this is called Individual Long turn. 2. Write down key words/vocabulary whilst preparing in 1 minute. Draw roughly a map on what to say and how. 3. Phrases you can use are…..e.g, There are several reasons why………., Firstly, secondly, thirdly, ….I feel……plays a good example here, Another thing to consider is …….., That leads me to my next point……,However, it is important not to forget that………, Although I don’t know much about…….,I can say that……, as vfar as -----is concerned, I would imagine that………… Speaking part 3: Two way discussion The examiner will ask you 4 scripted questions related to Topic of Part 2 of speaking. Roughly 2 minutes long. 1. E.g How do you think that science can change the idea of ………. 2. It asks for explanation, speculation, prediction or to defend what you said earlier in part 2.you have to give arguments on the question being asked in favor or refute. 3. The examiner asks you 4 unscripted Questions.

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